Journal Entry: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Today is a day of prayer and fasting. I have done fasts before, but today I am basically confining myself to my room to pray. No entertainment. No cell phone. No internet. Nothing.

Praying for long periods my seem daunting, but when you pray in the spirit (pray in tongues) it becomes considerably easier.

When we pray, we often want GOD to change things. Today my intent is to change things in me to become more like The Example lived out for us by the LORD Jesus Christ. I must realize, and be prepared for, things will be changed in me, but I will also have to walk through some things so that the seeds planted in prayer can be watered, fed, take good root, grow, and in due season produce fruit. I will not suddenly become “super Christian” over night. It is a process that takes patience, love, and faith. I must be willing to pay the price, to bear the cost, and to live the life; otherwise I am wasting GOD’s time and my time, and the time His angels could be doing something else productive.

This is a serious matter. One I must learn to pursue more consistently (constantly) and more earnestly. Abba Father, forgive me for not having done so, please. Help me to do that which is right in Your Eyes.

Read Matthew 14.

It’s now 8:35 p.m. I have spent the day fasting and in prayer. I am somewhat surprised I stuck to it. It was due to the grace of GOD. We shall see what fruit this bears. I believe I should make this a regular thing; maybe once a month. We shall see.

I want to be more like Jesus our LORD. I want to live in His Holy Example.

This fast seemed easy today. Being coupled with continuous prayer may have had something to do with it. Truly, the Grace of GOD was present.

I am going to bed early for me; 9:00-9:30 p.m. We shall see how sleep goes and what tomorrow is like. I plan to take my grandson, Kaiden, to the South Haven McDonald’s to plan and eat tomorrow evening. It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. We shall see what comes to pass.

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