Journal Entry: Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020

I looked out the back window in the kitchen this morning and saw the garden area. It will soon be time to work in the garden. I planted garlic in late fall. I planted it the correct depth, but I did not know at the time I was supposed to plant a certain end down and the other up. I have not even checked on the garlic. I wonder how it is doing.

In guitar practice I am starting to learn the words to the hymns I am working on. I will probably start on another hymn next week.

At work I asked Danni, my store manager, about online training videos I could watch to start learning things for Senior Sales Associate. She told me I needed to email Mark, our Field Consultant. I emailed him last night. He was at our store yesterday, before I thought about the training videos. He is aware of my 5 year plan to become a Field Consultant. I will need to rely on GOD’s grace, and apply myself well to work and whatever study I can do. I need to start learning how to make the various pizzas and do the kitchen work and paperwork, among many other things.

I am looking forward to my fast next week. I need the changes in me it will bring.

Read Matthew 10.

I weighed myself on my home scale for the first time since I went to the hospital. 285.6. I have gained another 17 pounds since early December. I need to turn this back around and go the other direction. Putting on a little muscle would be okay, but putting on more excess fat is not what I should be doing. I believe if I trim what I eat just a little bit I will likely start going in the right direction.

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