Journal Entry: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I did 95 six inch lunges today. Surprisingly, this takes about ten minutes. I am thinking that once I hit 100 twelve inch lunges I am going to start alternating my lunges with step ups. And once I hit 100 step ups I will also work the treadmill back into the rotation. This will cause my increases to slow considerably, but it will give me a better rounded overall exercise routine. I need to ask my doctor about any limitations on the types of exercises I can do with my stoma. After all, it is basically a hole cut through my upper right abdomen to allow me to urinate. My concerns are planks and whole body exercises that could push something through that hole.

Next week I will have four consecutive days off, followed by nine consecutive days of work. I am planning a one day fast for next week. The purpose: to become more like our LORD Jesus Christ and what He created me to be. I believe repentance and removing sin and the results of sin from me and my life are crucial.

I’m working on a few arrangements of Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD GOD Almighty on my Finale music program. If they work out I may offer them free on my website.

Read Matthew 8.

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