Journal Entry: Monday, February 17, 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020

My mini-lunges were up to 90 today. In a few more days I will start replacing 6” lunges with 12” lunges, five at a time. Yesterday I started doing them as a part of my before work routine; I could feel them a few hours into my shift, but the feeling seemed to go away.

How do I make my quiet time more productive? How do I better connect with Almighty GOD? I think the answer is to develop a heart of worship. We shall see.

I am starting to move faster and quicker at work; this is encouraging.

My guitar practice is still progressing. Now I’m playing Holy, Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty, A Mighty Fortress, and Fairest Lord Jesus.

Tomorrow and the next day I am scheduled for rest days., Tomorrow I have to take in my wife’s car again. Hopefully this time the Infinity dealership will send the correct parts.

I need to learn now to properly clean the Pet Wash Station at work, and hopefully start learning what I need to move up to Senior Sales Associate soon. I expect the move up to be the last half of this year, and Associate Store Manager sometime next year. I also need to do the two opening and two closing kitchen training shifts and hopefully start working the Cravin’s Kitchen once or twice a week. I want to learn and become good at everything in the store.

Read Matthew 7.

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