Journal Entry: Saturday, February 16, 2020

Saturday, February 16, 2020

Yesterday’s pace at work was good. However, I felt a twinge in my lower right side back, which seems to be with me this morning. I did some mild stretching. My legs seem to keep getting stronger and more durable, though. Yay GOD!

I answered a Facebook comment from someone who seems to not understand the reason for the Electoral College, or why a pure democracy is actually, or can actually, be a bad form of government. I don’t know if it was a lack of understanding or spiteful disagreement for sure.

People today, in general, seem to want what they want, and want it now; regardless of the cost to others, or to their children and grandchildren, or to themselves in the future. A spirit of supreme selfishness seems to have taken root in our country, the United States of America; and the LORD GOD IS the only Answer.

I was very tired, and slow to get up this morning. Today and tomorrow I work, then Tuesday I get up real early to take Anita to work and drop her car off to have the oil pan and gasket replaced. I will hopefully go back to sleep then until I need to pick Anita up from work and get her car.

Read Matthew 6.

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