Journal Entry: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Last night’s sleep was somewhat broken. At one point I was dreaming I was in a large bed in what seemed to be a large, comfortable, institutional room. There were two women, clothed, standing on each side of the bed. The woman on my left was about to perform oral sex on me. I remember thinking that my body no longer works that way, though there is some feeling, since my operation last year. I seemed to be partially awake. Then I realized, these weren’t women in a dream, they were demons. The one on the left was a succubus, and needed me just awake enough to claim I had given it consent to enter me or to stay attached to me. I woke up and began praying in the spirit and refusing it. I have dealt with such demons before, and am sure they were at least partially responsible for the huge tumor in my bladder that was removed last year. I have had experiences with such demons that had moved my bed, knocked on my bed, and other physical manifestations in the past.

I then had a dream where I was in my 20’s in a high end study type institution. I was being groomed to be some kind of weapon for them to gain control of the population. I would try to find a church nearby, by looking on the interest, where I could go worship GOD and escape. I would try to do this without the headmaster’s knowledge.


We are only as free from sin, its effects, demons, and their control to the point we are submitted to our LORD Jesus Christ. I believe most of us, me included, aren’t nearly as submitted to the LORD Jesus Christ as we like to think we are.

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