Why GOD Has The Right To Issue The Ten Commandments: Part 2a of 3

In our so-called “modern world”, where so many are as captive to the belief in naturalistic science (science purposely limited to reasons and explanations that can only be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched) as a blind man to his blindness, we often are not able to see or accept or believe evidence that points to something beyond the purely “natural”. Sadly, our natural and original state was not purely “natural” but natural combined with spiritual; and to be ruled by the spiritual; for GOD is a Spirit, and must be worshiped in spirit and in truth.

I say the above while thinking about the truth that many myths and legends originally had their beginnings in truth. Though the truth eventually became perverted and exaggerated, there is a seed of truth in it. Take, for instance, the gods of Egypt. We dismiss them as myths and legends, while ignoring the repeated commandments and warnings of Almighty GOD our Creator against having other gods before (ahead of, as more important than, as more powerful than, as more worthy of worship, honor, and praise than, and in addition to) Him. In the modern day these “gods” are usually referred to merely as bad habits that we seem to be given over to that we must overcome, or as fables, myths, and legends; when in truth, these gods are indeed gods bent on ruling over us and we must not only overcome, but we must completely overthrow them by the Power of our LORD Jesus Christ and replace their influence over us with the influence of Holy Spirit and willingly and purposely giving LORDship over our lives to the LORD Jesus Christ.

These gods came from somewhere and still exist today. Just because we deny their existence or refuse to believe they are real does not make them go away or stop existing. Where did these gods come from? What beings would people see as being so powerful that they would worship and obey them? Think about this for a few moments, if you would, please. Throughout the Holy Bible there are instances when the angels of GOD appeared to men and the men often bowed down in worship of and submission to them; and were quickly corrected by the angels.

When Lucifer rebelled against Almighty GOD, his Creator, he became Satan (the Adversary) and brought one third of the angels of Almighty GOD with him. According to the First Book of Enoch, Almighty GOD sent angels to watch over the dealings of humanity; these angels are referred to as Watchers, whose assignment was to watch over but not to interfere. Instead, these angels saw the beauty of the daughters of men and lusted after them, and began to take them as their wives, and produced offspring. This offspring is known as the Nephilim, or as giants. These Watchers had corrupted all flesh on the earth (a reason given for the global flood of Noah’s time in the Holy Bible) through their intercourse and through the knowledge they brought to mankind that we were not yet to have, and were bound in prisons in the Earth; while the corrupted hybrid spirits of their offspring destroyed in the Flood became disembodied spirits, believed to now be demons.

With the reappearance of giants, or Nephilim, after the flood, and the construction of the Tower of Babel and its purpose, it appears there were possibly other angels sent from GOD to watch over mankind (all humanity) that repeated this corruption and produced the post-Flood giants. The Holy Bible tells us that Noah was perfect in all his generations. The word translated as “perfect” means “entire, complete, without blemish, undefiled”. Could this be that Noah was saved not only because he was a just man, but also because his bloodline had not yet been corrupted by the Watchers or the Nephilim? After all, GOD’s eventual Saviour of humanity HAD to be fully human; not a hybrid that was not meant to exist.

As for the knowledge mankind was not yet supposed to have, remember the Garden of Eden. There was the Tree of Life, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Mankind was supposed to partake of all the trees of the Garden, especially the Tree of Life so that we would have all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding concerning Life as Almighty GOD our Creator intended it. However, Adam and Eve refused to partake of the Tree of Life, and eventually partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; opening their eyes to good and evil instead of opening them to the Life of GOD and His Plan for them. Almighty GOD then had to banish them from the Garden of Eden and set Cherubims to guard the way to the Tree of Life so man would not partake of it too, because mixing it with the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would produce an absolute abomination in GOD’s creation.

The Watchers brought further knowledge of good and evil to humanity and not only corrupted all flesh, but also our knowledge and ability to think and reason. These beings of such great wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and power would have appeared as gods to mankind, and would have easily ruled over those who did not know the LORD GOD Almighty. Of such were the gods of Egypt.

Each plague that Almighty GOD brought upon Egypt was not only a plague to show His Power to Egypt, but was a judgment of the gods Egypt worshiped and served; and thus a judgment against the people of Egypt for serving these gods instead of Almighty GOD. These plagues were also a demonstration for all mankind of the Power and total dominance of Almighty GOD, The Creator, over beings who were originally His creation; before they rebelled against Almighty GOD and perverted and twisted who they were created to be.

In Part 2b we will start looking at each plague/judgment and which gods that Almighty GOD was judging and overcoming.

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