Journal Entry: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Read John 2.

Today is my last day at the Calumet Family Express. Ed, the store manager of the Calumet and the Valpo University stores, has been a great manager to work for. I will miss him and the people I have worked with at these two stores.

Tomorrow I start working for Danni at the Viking Family Express. I pray that Abba Father blesses this store overall, and that we start getting at least one delivery order each hour that I work delivery.

I won’t even pretend to know what GOD has in store for us, but it will be for our good and His Glory.

My left knee seems to be lingering in pain and taking quite a while to get better. The shorter hours these next two weeks might be helpful. My legs, knees, ankles, and feet still have a way to go to be well, all the way. I have found that while lifting heavy trash bags into the dumpster my upper body still has a way to go to get up to strength. Regular work will help with this.

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