My Journey: Wednesday-Friday, December 12-14: Hospital Procedure, Safe Trip, Stargate Universe

Wednesday, my precious wife and I went down to IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. They took the filter out of my vena cava since I no longer have blood clots. I am still required to take eliquis, a blood thinner, at least for a few more months from what I understand. Due to the anesthesia they gave me I was not allowed to drive back that day and my wife really does not like driving distances like that. So, she drove us to Sleep Inn on 16th Street in Indy to stay overnight.

Thursday we had a safe, very quick, and easy ride home and did some Christmas shopping, and then some grocery shopping. Before the grocery shopping though, I received a download of our open sign up on retirement plans from Family Express. I did some research on TD Ameritrade of the mutual funds offered, and also did some educational lessons on the TD Ameritrade site. I know I am restarting yet again later than most, but I plan on being around for quite some time, unless the LORD Jesus Christ comes for me first.

Friday I decided to just relax and watched the second season of Stargate Universe.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!

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