My Journey: Tuesday, December 10, 2019-Gateway Church First Conference, Treadmill Walk, Full Time At Family Express

The past couple days I have been watching the sermons from the First Conference by Gateway Church, and Pastor Robert Morris’ The King of Kings. I highly recommend these videos:

Robert Morris – The King Of Kings – Stand Alone
Nick Vujicic | FIRST Conference 2019
Derwin Gray | FIRST Conference 2019
Erwin McManus | FIRST Conference 2019

I have changed my treadmill walk progression in order to make time for “Quiet Time” so I can spend time soaking in the Presence of GOD, praying, and eventually journaling. Today I walked 30 minutes on incline 2.0, however I did my increase from 1.0 to 2.0 as 0.1 mph every 30 seconds instead of every minute. I will now start working my way up to 3.0 mph, and based upon my fitness and weight when I complete this decide where to go next. I believe I will also begin alternating my treadmill walking with step-ups using my very old Reebok Step. I still need a bit of work on steps and stairs.

Today I completed my first full week at full time (five 8-hour days [in a row even]). I was blessed to work at the Family Express US-30 store and the Family Express Valpo University store. To date I have been working mid-day shifts, but next week I will be working a couple closes. This is what I used to do before I went into the hospital. I am a little concerned that I will do a good job, but I will do my level best, and by GOD’s grace, I will do well.

By the way, for those who are looking for a job in the Northwest quarter of Indiana, I would highly recommend applying at a Family Express. If you get in, you definitely will work, but it is a really good company to work for and great people to work with. I’ve been there just over a year (14 months). You may not start out full time at one store, but if you are willing to go to more than one store in your area your likelihood of full time will increase. Other than my “back-to-work” plan requiring me to ramp up to 8 hour days over time, and my first couple weeks getting trained, I have been a full time closer at the same store. The pay is decent, and even better if you work to become a store manager.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!




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