My Journey: Monday, December 2, 2019-Walmart, Guitar Practice, Evidence That Some People Just Do Not Want To Get Better From Stress And Depression

Today was the first of two days in a row that I am not scheduled for work. Instead of my usual treadmill walk I went to the Portage Walmart with my wife, Anita, to do our grocery shopping.

A little while after we got home I did my regular guitar practice. This is going to take patience to get where I want to be. I am doing well, it is just that a high level of excellence takes time to get to.

I have found my own evidence that some people would rather be miserable due to stress or depression than to be well. I have had a number of Facebook friends post that they were dealing with what sounded like a rather high level of stress or depression during this past year. Almost all the responses to them were suggestions of different drugs or medical treatments to deal with the stress or the depression. Some of the posts were empathetic. It truth, not one of the posts actually recommended anything that would do more than attempt to manage stress or depression. So, I posted that I have a solution that most people ignore, and that many people are often offended by, but it would help them defeat stress and depression. Not one person asked what that solution is. NOT ONE. I even posted a Facebook post about this and still not a single person asked what the solution is. This tells me that people are not interested in overcoming stress and/or depression, but would rather suffer from it in a “manageable” way. I find this very, very sad.

Does anybody actually want to overcome stress and/or depression? I wonder. I have struggled with stress repeatedly, and I have dealt with depression for years at a time; sometimes praying several times a day for a few years to die that day or in my sleep. I understand these things. However, I do have the answer, and I am learning to live the answer.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!

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