My Journey: Friday-Saturday, November 29-30, 2019-Teaching From Pastors Robert Morris, Jimmy Evans, And Tim Ross, Treadmill Walk, Encouragement

On Friday I started with breakfast while watching:

Robert Morris – Stay in the Word – 3 Steps to Victory

Then I did my treadmill walk of 44 minutes for 1.37 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – Strength – A Way in the Wilderness

I went to bed early because I had to start work at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday instead of the usual noon.

On Saturday I got up at 3:00 a.m. and ate breakfast while watching:

Jimmy Evans – Living Your Best Life – Life Giving

Then I did my treadmill walk of 45 minutes for 1.40 miles while watching:

Tim Ross – Ignore Your Inner Judas – Life Giving

As everybody can see, I am not increasing quickly, but I am increasing daily. Each day is a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. It is easier to make this a lifestyle this way. I am considering making a couple changes once I get to 60 minutes. At that time I plan on slowly and methodically building up my speed from 2.0 mph to 3.0 mph. I also plan on alternating my walking days with step-ups on an old Reebok Step I have. Currently going up steps is a bit more difficult than I would like it to be; my legs are not really very strong on that type of movement anymore, but they will be.

Please, take this to heart, especially if you struggle with health and fitness. Going in very tiny steps each day, even if you start out doing next to nothing and then build from there, will help you more than you know. With a little patience you will likely end up getting farther than you thought you would.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!


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