My Journey: Thursday, November 28, 2019-Paster Robert Morris, Treadmill Walk, Family Express, Thanksgiving Day Pizza

Today while eating breakfast I watched:

Robert Morris – Stop Believing Lies – 3 Steps to Victory

My treadmill walk was 43 minutes for 1.30 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – Stay in the Word – 3 Steps to Victory

Applying the teachings Pastor Morris gives will help all of us grow closer to GOD and grow stronger in His WORD.

I worked at the Valparaiso University Family Express for 4 hours today. Also, my manager, Ed, gave me a positive write up. Yay!

Instead of having a big Thanksgiving Day dinner, my eldest son worked until 6, I worked until 5, and my youngest son went to his wife’s family’s get together. My precious wife, Anita, made homemade pizzas for everybody for whenever they were able to drop in for  a few minutes. She makes awesome homemade pizzas.

I have been working on recording Psalm 5 so I could offer the M4a audio file for free. I just haven’t quite gotten it 100% at any one time.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!

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