My Journey: Wednesday, November 27, 2019-Pastor Jimmy Evans, Treadmill Walk And Pastor Robert Morris, Family Express, Kaiden’s Birthday

As usual, I started the day with breakfast and watched:

Jimmy Evans – The Proof Of Life – Life Giving

Then I did my treadmill walk for 42 minutes covering 1.26 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – The Reversal Of Pride – The Kings of Babylon

Today I worked at the Valparaiso West Family Express for four hours. While there I talked with our Field Consultant (District Manager) and he told me that the store manager that runs our Valparaiso Viking Family Express would put me on her next schedule. Our weekly schedules are done two to five weeks in advance, so it might be a month before I am moved to her store to start working as a Delivery Driver for our Cravin’s Kitchen in her store. I will also have to do the training for the job. Also, next week Friday I start working eight hour days, and full time for the weekly schedule. Yay!

This evening we had a very small celebration for  our grandson Kaiden’s sixth birthday. Only one family came over, Kaiden’s cousin Ari; she’s a year and a half younger than him. They get along really well. It was a rather pleasant little time.

Thank you for reading today’s My Journey.

Be Most Blessed!




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