My Journey: Tuesday, November 26, 2019-Pastor Jimmy Evans, Treadmill Walk And Pastor Robert Morris, Family Express, Guitar Practice

Today started with breakfast while watching:

Jimmy Evans – The Grace to Change – The Gift Of Grace

Then to my treadmill walk of 41 minutes for 1.27 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – The Deception Of Pride – The Kings of Babylon

Today I worked my four hours at the Calumet Family Express. It was nice being in my home store and working with my manager Ed for a while. He’s really a great person to work for and with.

At home I practiced guitar, but differently today. To change things up a bit, I think every second or third day I am going to work on Christian music; hymns, Gospel tunes, and modern Christian music. Today I mostly did classical style guitar arrangements of hymns. It was enjoyable.

I know I haven’t had any deep thoughts in My Journey for a while. I think it is due to the many changes I am going through on the track to getting my life all the way back to normal, or at least as normal as it can be until I receive complete healing and wholeness for my body as though nothing was ever wrong with it. This may go to show that even those who preach, teach, or write about GOD and His Holy WORD are just regular people like everybody else, each with our own experiences and foibles.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!


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