My Journey: Monday, November 25, 2019-Pastor Jimmy Evans, Family Express, Treadmill Walk, Pastor Robert Morris, Guitar Practice

Today while eating breakfast I watched the teaching:

Jimmy Evans – Seeing God As He Really Is – The Gift Of Grace

I also did my treadmill walk, which was 40 minutes today for 1.23 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – The Stubbornness Of Pride – The Kings of Babylon

I then went to work at the Valparaiso West Family Express for 4 hours. It was nice, and the first time I worked at this particular store.

After eating dinner I practiced guitar. I am still working on the two fingerstyle pieces The Logic Of Love and Eastland Dream. I have gotten my arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour just about where I want it so I started working on another plectrum piece by Harry Volpe called Midnight Clear. Harry was a plectrum guitarist from Sicily who performed from 1919-1995. I’ve started working on plectrum (pick-style) pieces in Mel Bay’s Masters Of The Plectrum Guitar since I plan on playing for people in senior’s assisted living facilities. I figure a little bit of nostalgic music might bring a sparkle to some of the residents’ eyes.

Last night I started working on recording an audio version of Psalm 5, however, when I just about had it right I started having problems with phlegm coming up. During the past week my activity level has gotten to the point where it is causing me to breath deeper, thus my lungs are starting to get cleared out after laying in a hospital bed for 7 weeks and not being active enough for yet another month to have deep enough breathing to keep my lungs clear. I will attempt to have Psalm 5 posted with the M4a audio file within the next week. I will also attempt to speed up my progress on getting all of the Psalms and the Holy Scriptures For Health, Healing, Wholeness, And Life. It would be nice to be done with both by next spring, and by next summer at the very latest.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be Most Blessed!



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