My Journey: Sunday, November 24, 2019-Rest Day, Four Firsts Since Hospital Stay

Since I worked yesterday (Saturday) and went grocery shopping by myself at the Portage Walmart, today (Sunday) was my rest day.

I had four firsts since my hospital stay. First, my surgery wound stopped weeping. Yay! This lead to my second first, I spent my first day without a wound dressing. Now I only have a scar from the incision; from above my navel to a couple inches above my pubic bone. Yay again! And third, though a little embarrassing to talk about, my twig has not had a post-operative discharge for about a month, so I am now able to go without a Depends pad in my britches. Yay yet again! And for my fourth first, due to my surgery wound being healed up I finally was able to take a shower; my first one since the day I went into the hospital, August 18th.

Yesterday’s guitar practice went quite well. My hands are getting quicker and smoother.

After today’s day off I am working eight straight four hour days. Then I will have a couple days off before beginning my eight hour days, working full time again. It will hopefully soon after this that Family Express will put me through the training for Delivery Service (of their pizza and wings in Valparaiso), which I was supposed to start when I was in the hospital.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be blessed!

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