My Journey: Friday, November 22, 2019-Pastor Evans Teaching, Family Express, Treadmill Walk With Pastor Morris Teaching, Guitar Practice, Blackbear (movie)

Today began with breakfast and:

Jimmy Evans – Becoming An Excited And Extravagant Giver – Life Giving

I worked 4 hours at the Kouts Family Express. I was expecting it to be busier than yesterday, but it was not. It was still a pleasant 4 hours of work.

After I got home and ate lunch I did 39 minutes on the treadmill covering 2.0 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – The Seduction of Pride – The Kings of Babylon

Guitar practice was next, showing steady improvement.

Then I watched a movie called “Blackbear” on Netflix. It’s a movie about a Marine sniper who comes home and gets back into MMA fighting for reasons he does not tell the people he cares about, but which are to help others. I thought it was at least an enjoyable movie.

I am wondering, and hoping that my life is being helpful in leading some people to a closer walk with Almighty GOD. I see what little I do and desire to do more. I believe, I have to believe, it will come to pass.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed.




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