Whose Ten Commandments Are They?

I believe that when we consider the Ten Commandments, we must understand exactly whose commandments they are. Who gave us the Ten Commandments?

Exodus 20:1 And God spake all these words, saying,

It is GOD (Elohiym) who spoke the words of the Ten Commandments. This is the same GOD (Elohiym) that created the heaven and the earth and all that exists within them by His WORD. In this creation of all that is created, GOD (Elohiym) also spoke into existence every law that every thing would operate by. We humans talk about “the laws of nature” or “the laws of science” while giving precious little, if any at all, thought to where these laws came from or why they are so absolutely consistent. Mankind did not write, legislate, enact, or enforce these laws; man is not capable of such immensely vast wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Mankind can only discover some of these laws and hope to begin to understand them; and by GOD’s grace apply them.

Think about it. If the Law of Gravity stopped being a Law, people and things would get thrown off this planet. Surprising? This planet is spinning on its axis, which depending on where you are standing on this earth, could be around 1,000 miles per hour. Figure roughly 24,000-25,000 miles in circumference around the equator, spinning one full revolution in 24 hours has you moving about 1,000 miles per hour. What other laws are in effect that not only keep us standing on the planet, but keep us from getting slammed against something fixed to the earth behind us from the direction the earth is spinning. From our perspective, we are standing still on the earth. How can we stand still while we are being spun at up to around 1,000 miles per hour? What other laws are in effect that we are not even aware of?

We use the Laws of Thrust and Lift to cause planes and jets to overcome the Law of Gravity to allow us to fly them through the air to travel on this planet. What Laws are in effect that prevent the planes and jets from getting left behind by the earth’s surface while this planet is rotating?

What Laws are in effect that allows one raindrop to fall from a cloud in the earth’s atmosphere, while causing numerous the other raindrops to stay in the cloud where they are? What Laws are in effect that prevent the entire mass of water from coming down all at once and destroying everything, but instead gives us what we call rain?

It is the GOD (Elohiym) that spoke all these laws into existence and upholds them by His WORD that spoke the Ten Commandments into being. The Ten Commandment are ten commands of GOD (Elohiym) and of His Kingdom that apply to mankind. All of creation obeys and operates according to the Laws of GOD. True, Satan and his spiritual followers (fallen angels, demons, etc.) do not obey the Laws of the Kingdom of GOD, but that is why they are not part of the Kingdom of GOD and will receive the judgment they have chosen by their rebellion. However, they do obey GOD’s (Elohiym’s) Laws concerning creation (physical and spiritual).

It is this GOD (Elohiym) that spoke the Ten Commandments. I believe He has more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding than all of us put together, and it only makes sense that He has His reasons for speaking the Ten Commandments into existence for us. They are His Commandments, and it is His Kingdom in which we desire to live. Should we not learn to understand His Commandments for His Kingdom, and even to seek the wisdom which they were given to impart to us?

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