My Journey: Wednesday, November 20, 2019-Treadmill Walk, Family Express Work, Guitar Practice

It may get boring to read or hear, but today was yet another good day.

I got up and ate breakfast while watching:

Pastor Robert Morris – Light – More Than Words

Then I did my treadmill walk for 38 minutes and 1.17 miles while watching:

Jimmy Evans – Becoming An Excited And Extravagant Giver – Life Giving

There is so much excellent teaching from these two men of GOD. I also watched YouTube Music videos after the teaching was done since the teaching video did not last the full time.

I worked another 4-hour shift today; split between two Family Express stores. I worked the store instead of running a register. On my way home I was asked if I would cover 4 hours early in Kouts. I agreed to. It’s about a 40 minute drive each way, but I need to build not only my hours and pay, but also my body to prepare for working full time in two weeks. The more 4 hour days I can do the better.

My guitar practice is continuing to see improvement in my playing. Steady as it goes.

I was waking up quite a bit for no seeming reason last night, and developed a dry throat. Through the day it has grown mildly sore. I need to exercise my faith against this, after all, by LORD Jesus stripes I have been healed. Praise be to GOD.

I find myself having a little problem with the new overnight urine bags I hook up to while I sleep. It seems after a bit the urine gets held up in the tube, which causes my urostomy bag to fill. I have to get up and move the tube around to get it to drain into the bag, thus emptying my urostomy bag. I may have to call the pharmacy that handles my urostomy supplies and talk with them about it, maybe switching back to the older bags I was using. We shall see.

I find myself tired and a little sore from the past two days, and that with only 4 hour shifts. I have a way to go, but by GOD’s grace I will get there with persistence and patience.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed.



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