My Journey: Tuesday, November 19, 2019-Treadmill Walk, Family Express Work, Guitar Practice

Got up at 6:00 this morning after quite broken sleep last night. I ate breakfast as usual while watching a teaching video:

Pastor Robert Morris – Symbols – More Than Words

I seriously recommend not only watching this video, but the entire More Than Words series. It may change your view of the Holy Bible; I believe you will find the Holy Bible more precious in your sight after watching this series.

Then I did my treadmill walk of 37 minutes covering 1.14 miles while watching:

Robert Morris – The Ten Financial Commandments – Beyond Blessed

This is another series I strongly recommend watching, Beyond Blessed. I would also recommend watching the series that was the precursor to this called The Blessed Life. Both will make a difference in your life.

I worked my first 4-hour day today at the Family Express convenience store on US-30 in Valpo. It was the first time I ever worked there. It was really quite fun with 10 fuel pumps instead of the 4 that I have been accustomed to. After I got home and sat down for a bit I found myself exhausted and struggling to stay awake, and losing. I have a way to go to get my body accustomed to working in a convenience store again. It really surprises me how much physical strength and endurance I have lost since I went into the hospital. It takes patience and work to get it all back. By GOD’s Grace I will get there. It is a good thing I am working 4 hour days for the next two weeks before going to 8 hour days. This will help strengthen my body without overdoing it. It is a blessing to work for a company that is as encouraging as Family Express during this time. Praise be to GOD.

Guitar practice is coming along well. I have been working on the acoustic fingerstyle guitar piece The Logic Of Love and almost have it ready to play in public. I have started working on the fingerstyle piece Eastland Dream, and my own pick-style arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour. I need to develop a 45-60 minutes set before going anywhere to play.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed.





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