My Journey: Monday, November 12, 2019-Trying To Get Back To Work, Treadmill Walk, Guitar Practice

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Today I called Family Express and verified that they do not have all the paperwork they need to allow me to go back to work. By the time I received definite word Dr. Cary’s office in Indianapolis was closed, so I called and left them a message. I really would like to get back to work and start bringing in an income again. Though I wonder sometimes, if there are other things I should be doing for income, such as using this website to do so on a volunteer donation basis. We shall see. I will need to get a P.O. Box first. I am not sure about using PayPal; their stance against certain things I believe in might cause them to disallow the use of my account with them.

I did my treadmill walk today at 31 minutes and 0.94 miles; continuing the planned increases. I currently use my iPad to watch YouTube videos while I am walking. Today I watched: Robert Morris – Stop Believing Lies – 3 Steps to Victory

I highly recommend Pastor Morris’ teachings.

When I have more time than the video teaching I watch then I watch Christian Music Videos on YouTube Music.

I also practiced guitar again today. My fingertips are starting to handle it much better. It will soon be time to lengthen my practice sessions. Once I make practicing a regular part of my schedule, I believe I will take up the keyboard again.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed!

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