My Journey: Saturday-Sunday, November 9-10, 2019-Kaiden And Funflatables, Didn’t Go To “Church”, Some Reflection

Saturday I got up and decided to make it a longer day for my grandson, Kaiden, to be allowed to play and have a good time. My son, Justin, dropped Kaiden off at 10:50 and put the car seat in my Ranger. We went to Great Clips for me to get a shampoo; I still don’t want to get my surgical wound wet until it stops “weeping” fluids. It seems to be healed up except at my navel where the incision started and they repaired a hernia. Once this stops weeping, I will start taking normal showers instead of sink baths. I don’t want moisture getting trapped in the wound and getting it infected.

We then went to Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Portage for lunch. I had a single meat plate with cole slaw and waffle fries while Kaiden had a kid’s chicken nuggets meal with waffle fries. After lunch we went to Funflatables in Valparaiso. Kaiden got to play for almost five and a half hours. He had a blast.

Today, Sunday, I did not go to church. I stayed at home and watched TV with my wife. I know there isn’t really an excuse for skipping out on church when you are part of a congregation. For this I apologize.

I have been reflecting on what I believe a “church” or “local congregation” should be, and should be involved in. I believe we should be actively seeking out the homeless, the widows, the orphans, those in jail and prison, and the poor inside and outside the church and doing something purposeful as a unit to help these people. I also believe that we must come to understand our identity in Christ Jesus and build family/community in the local church (which Bethel Valparaiso is quite good at).

I have been falling short myself, because I just don’t know how to talk to people about their relationship with GOD through Christ Jesus when they seem to think everything is “just fine”. I need to spend more time in prayer for my neighborhood. Just think of it, if each of us who profess to be Christians would take spiritual responsibility for the houses immediately surrounding our property, then our street, then our subdivision, I believe that within five to ten years we would have a completely different town or city. I need to make a purposeful ministry of my neighborhood. Please pray for me to start becoming effective here.

Thank you for reading My Journey.

Be most blessed!

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