My Journey: Friday, November 8, 2019-Treadmill And Walmart Today, Back To Work Form

Today I did not get to practice guitar or do any music writing. However, I did get some things done.

I did my treadmill walk today for 30 minutes covering 0.90 miles. Still keeping to my plan.

I spent a good bit of time on the phone today with Dr. Cary’s office, York (the FMLA management company), and Family Express. Dr. Cary’s office called to tell me they faxed the completed Back To Work Form to Family Express and that my blood work from my visit last week showed improvement from the day before I was released from the hospital. For some reason when I called Family Express it seems they did not receive the fax. I will have to call them both on Monday to try to get this straightened out so I can go back to work. Also, York, the company that manages the FMLA claims for Family Express called me to let me know today was the last day of my FMLA. It seems I previously misunderstood, thinking it was to the 18th, though the hours remaining did not add up to that date. Must have been a typo or miscommunication somewhere. Anyway, it seems I was supposed to have the Back To Work Form sent to York instead of Family Express, and then they would forward it on. This was not previously explained to me so I did not know. York said they would just get a copy from Family Express, no problem.

In addition to my walking on the treadmill today I went shopping at Walmart, which requires a good bit of walking. Being my wife was exhausted and stayed home, it took me over 90 minutes to do the shopping myself. She knows where everything is while I normally push the cart, or watch my grandson push the cart, and do not pay as much attention to what is where. So, it caused me to spend a good bit of time on my feet which is good for me.

I am thinking about signing up for tonight to get some more wholesome programming to watch compared to even the cleanest usual fare.

Also, last night I started working on doing audio recordings of the Psalms, and expect to start recording the Scriptures I have for Health, Healing, Wholeness, and Life. When I complete them I will be offering them free on the Free Items page.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed!

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