My Journey: Thursday, November 7, 2019-Prescription Difference, Treadmill Walk, Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement (Holy, Holy, Holy)

When I got up this morning I had to call Gil Drugs because my prescription for Sodium Bicarbonate looks different than I expected; I picked up my meds yesterday but did not look at them until late at night. I was expecting 360 tablets of 325 mg Sodium Bicarbonate. What I received was 360 tablets of 10 grain Sodium Bicarbonate. I called their pharmacist before running out to the pharmacy just in case there was something I was missing. Apparently 10 grains is the same as 650 mg, which is the same as two tablets of 325 mg; thus, the prescription is okay. My dosage is two 325 mg tablets, or with the way this prescription was filled, one 10 grain tablet. We need to be willing to call our pharmacists if something does not look right. They want us to have the correct medication, and are quite willing to correct any mistakes they may have made, or to clear up any misunderstanding we may have, or any changes we do not understand.

I did my treadmill walk again today. Walking for 29 minutes I reached 0.87 miles. I am purposely taking my increase progression slowly to make it easy for my body to adapt and make it feel more normal. I understand that many may believe in increasing differently, especially at a quicker rate of change, but I want to ingrain this walking past becoming a habit and make it part of my way of life. Though I am increasing slower, this only means that each tiny step is just another victory on the way to great health. The victories may be smaller, but there will be many more of them than otherwise.

I’m using Finale to write a fingerstyle acoustic guitar arrangement of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy. I transposed it from E flat to G to make it more playable, and I took a look at it it in both Standard and Open G tuning. Usually I would play a piece an octave above what it is written, but that takes this piece too high up the guitar neck; especially for those who do not have at least a single cutaway to reach the 15th-17th fret (depending on which of the above tunings you choose). So, I need to consider, do I do it in G at the octave it is written in or do I use some other key? I’ll be looking at this over the next few days and figure it out.

Guitar practice went well today. Very slowly picking up speed on my drills. Oops! I just realized I forgot to do my Movable Pentatonic Scale practice. These two movable scales are good for strengthening the fourth finger, which is the weakest and needs the most help. My playing is starting to become cleaner as my left hand is getting the feel of doing proper reaches to the strings. I am taking the time to make sure I get things right instead of having to clean up sloppy habits later.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed!

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