My Journey: Tuesday, October 5, 2019-Late Start, Treadmill Walk, McDonald’s Playground, iPad, And YouTube

I had a late start today due to staying up late last night. I think I am coming to terms with my daily schedule shifting to mimic when I was working as a closer for Family Express. I need to learn to take advantage of the quite at night to do writing.

I did my treadmill walk again today, same progression, for 28 minutes which put me at 0.84 miles. A little longer and a little farther each day, If I am reasonably consistent I should be up to an hour by the first week or two in December. Then I will start building up my speed. When I get to work again it will take a bit more schedule discipline, but I believe it will be worth it as my health and fitness continue to improve.

Though it is not Friday, the usual day I take Kaiden (my grandson) to a play place when I take him, I decided to bring him to the South Haven (Valparaiso) McDonald’s to eat and play. It is so nice to see all the kids of different ethnicities, sizes, shapes, backgrounds, and colors playing so well together. I think we adults could learn from their innocent and untainted example of accepting others and being kind to each other. We may have our differences, but we can still be civil to each other and spend time together just being people.

Today I am writing this post on my iPad for the first time. It is taking me just a bit to get accustomed to the keyboard, but I believe it is worth it. I’ve had this iPad (my first one) since late spring. I got a 2018 model because I wanted the bigger 12.9″ screen. Having the stylus is nice, particularly when my grandson does learning programs that require writing. Having the keypad case that goes with the iPad is also rather useful. I find I am liking it. While I do wish the programs for the iPad were the same as those for a computer, it still proves quite useful.

I know YouTube has been censoring a number of conservative contributors, however, I am glad that they have not yet shut down a number of ministries that have YouTube videos of their services and teachings. Personally, I like watching Pastors Robert Morris and Jimmy Evans. Lately I have started watching A Secret Place with Kevin Zadai while I am doing my treadmill walk.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed!

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