My Journey: Sunday, November 3, 2019-Treadmill Walk, Bethel Valparaiso Service

Today I hopped on the treadmill again and walked for 26 minutes with my set progression and completed 0.77 miles. For now I will be adding one minute each time, likely up to 60 minutes then start working on building up my speed. I currently do my main walking at 2.0 mph with a 2.0 incline. Not very fast, but it is getting me started on the treadmill. I expect that by the end of November my walking in public will keep pace with everyone else around me.

How do we describe services at the “churches” we attend? Usually when we say it is a “good one” we mean it was good for us, individually. However, I believe our Father sees it as good if it follows His leading and His desires, following Holy Spirit; it is the individual’s responsibility to purposely choose to receive and do something with it. We must keep asking ourselves, “What is GOD saying to me here? What does He want to reveal to me? What does He want me to learn?”

Not everyone that ministers from the pulpit will be confident and practiced at it, and different people will minister in different ways. It is up to the individual congregant to hear and receive what Holy Spirit is saying through that person.

Tonight I found it easy to flow with the praise and worship. Then we had a participating activity as part of communion. There was a prophetic painting being done that showed a person sitting next to a large heart that had doors in the center of it that were opened and the person was putting something in the door. We were to each come up and paint a heart of whatever color we chose somewhere on the picture. At first I resisted, but Holy Spirit prompted me that I need to start getting outside of myself and start participating; so I did. The heart I painted was somewhat small and orange.

Sarah taught on flowing with Holy Spirit and used the journey of her life to provide examples. I had to pay attention to hear what Holy Spirit was saying through her. Towards the end she had someone pass out name tags. We were instructed to ask Holy Spirit what He calls us. After a bit we were to stand up and go to at least four people and introduce ourselves as what we heard Holy Spirit say to us. I received the words “love and beloved”. I didn’t stand up with everyone else, and seeing this Sarah came straight to me and introduced herself according to her name tag, which I believe said, “Powerful.” I apologized for not getting up because doing such a thing was difficult to me. She didn’t even seem phased. Suddenly I found myself getting up and introducing myself as “love and beloved” to four more people.

It is important for us to learn to hear Holy Spirit and what He has to say to us, and what He thinks about us. It is also important for us to get up and go beyond ourselves and our usual comfort zone so that we can grow and mature and be an active part of our spiritual family and community.

Bethel Valparaiso is to me a rather simple community. The people want to hear and be close to GOD, to express their love for GOD and receive the Love of GOD, and to be pure vessels of the Love of GOD to everyone they meet. I believe that in learning to do so this precious congregation will help transform Valparaiso and the surrounding communities in which we all live. I am sure there are other congregations seeking GOD in our area who will contribute what GOD has put it their heart and also be helping to transform these communities. It is not a competition, but a cooperation of the Body of Christ; each congregation contributing its own special part.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Be most blessed!

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