My Journey: Saturday, November 3, 2019-A Lazy Day And Some Soul Searching

After the long day yesterday, I slept in quite late today and was really rather lazy. We need a down day once in a while. Almighty GOD even left us with the instructions to have a Shabbot (Sabbath Day) each week; a day where we rest from the labors of our regular jobs and lives and to be refreshed. The Apostle Paul even wrote about it not having to be any specific day, but that one person will count one day as the holy day, and another person will count a different day to be a holy day. Paul was admonishing us to not argue over which day we would set apart as our day of rest, but that each of us would have one every week.

My problem comes when I sometimes feel like being quite lazy on a few to several days of the week. For me it is a regular, and sometimes near constant, struggle. Not doing anything on a day of rest is one thing; it is quite another to be lazy every day and not participate in life, especially when we are expecting GOD to bless us.

There are things I believe I am supposed to do, but I struggle with getting the gumption to actually do them. For me this struggle is so strong that it is a spiritual matter. There is something resisting my desire to do that which is in my heart to do, and it wins much more often than it should. In truth, it should never win.

Looking at just the Survey Of Holy Scriptures For Health, Healing, Wholeness And Life it took me a year to do a project that should have taken only a couple months at most. The children’s book I started in the hospital should have been completely written by now and I should have it with an illustrator, yet I have only transferred the character list for the series, and the first fifteen pages of the book to my computer and haven’t done any more writing. I also need to record the Survey Of Holy Scriptures for Health, Healing, Wholeness, And Life as an mp3 file and post it under Free Items. Then there is music, and on and on and on it goes. What about prayer and Bible reading and study?

As you can probably see I am rather disappointed with my level of discipline and commitment as a Christian, a disciple of the LORD Jesus Christ, and as a son of the Living GOD. So, if you kindly would. Please pray for me.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Be most blessed!

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