My Journey: Wednesday, October 30, 2019-Medicaid Delay, Bethel Valparaiso Community Group, Treadmill Moved, Christian Identity Launch

Today was yet another good day. I did have one challenge I need to take care of tomorrow, though. It seems I have paid for my Indiana Medicaid, and it has been received by Indiana Medicaid, but the State has not yet updated my account yet. On October 9th I paid for October, November, and December through Anthem Blue Cross (the company managing my account) and it was supposed to be activated on October 24th. It seems there is a hold up at the state level and I need to go in to the Valparaiso FSSA Office tomorrow to find out exactly what the holdup is.

I was blessed to go to the Bethel Valparaiso Community Group I am a part of tonight. We watched another Danny Silk video. Tonight was about handling situations as a powerful person or as a victim. We need to understand, WE ARE NOT VICTIMS if we understand our identity in Christ Jesus, and playing the victim often just digs us deeper into our problems where Satan, the enemy of our souls, would like to keep us; never to grow into the awesome people we are created to be in Christ Jesus. Also, if we as a person of power are approached by someone behaving as a victim we must rely upon the Spirit of GOD to help them see their identity is not that of a victim and help them discover their identity as a person of power in Christ Jesus. If we just go along with their victim mentality we are only enabling Satan to keep them confined in a cell that the LORD Jesus Christ has already busted down the door to in order to set them free.

While I was at the Community Group, my boys blessed me by moving the treadmill into our empty room so that I can now walk all winter regardless of the weather, and not have to go anywhere to do so. Thank you Brett and Justin, you are both a blessing.

Starting Thursday, October 31, 2019, at 8:00 CST the category Christian Identity will be launched on this site with its first Scripture verse and confession for that verse. I pray this new category is a blessing to everybody.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Be most blessed!

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