My Journey: Thursday, October 31, 2019-First Treadmill Walk, Practicing Guitar, Reflecting

Well, I didn’t go to the FSSA office today. I might go on Monday. The lady from IU Health Hospital Pre-Services in Indy said she’d call me back if she couldn’t get things straightened out with Indiana Medicaid and she never called back. I’ll find out tomorrow.

I did my first treadmill walk today. Not quite what I expected, but it was a start. I started at 1.0 mph with a 3.0 incline and added 0.1 mph every minute up to 2.0 mph and went to 2.0 incline. I walked 25 minutes and did 0.70 miles. It may be slow, but it is a start. No excuses to not walk now.

I practiced guitar again. My left hand fingertips got a bit sore, but that is to be expected for a few weeks getting back into it. Keeping at it for the next few weeks I should be at a point where I can start working on the pieces I used to play and build a 45-plus minute set and start playing at senior care facilities. This is something I have intended to do for years. I think it is about time I actually followed through.

I need to consider what I am going to do with my life. Of course I plan to go back to work at Family Express as soon as I am permitted to work by my doctor. However, there are things in my heart to do, such as make this site a serious ministry, write at least a few children’s books, use music to bless others, and write music and guitar arrangements again. Something I have always wanted to do is preach and teach the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. To date this last one has taken a different form than I had expected, being I was actually doing this on my job, along with encouraging people and praying for them. It would be nice to become the husband I believe my wife needs and deserves, the father my now grown sons should have always had, the grandfather I should be to Kaiden, the son I should be to my parents, the brother I should be to my brothers and sisters, and most of all, the son I should be to Abba Father. Of course none of this is possible except by the grace of Almighty GOD through Christ Jesus our LORD empowered and led by Holy Spirit.

By GOD’s grace and some truly skilled medical professionals I have a second chance, I must not waste this opportunity I have been blessed with.

Thank you for reading my blog today, and remember to get your free 29 page Survey Of Holy Scriptures For Health, Healing, Wholeness, And Life by clicking on this link.

Be most blessed!

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