My Journey: Monday, October 28, 2019-Walmart With Kaiden, Practice Guitar, Emergence

Last night my grandson, Kaiden spent the night. We have a small child’s bed that he is pretty much grown out of that we put in Grandma Sweetie Pea’s room for him. He went to the Calumet Family Express to see my store manager and get a few FE Perks free items and gasoline, to Gil Drugs to pick up supplies for my wound dressing, to lunch at Bob Evans in Valparaiso, and then shopping at the Valpo Walmart and Once Upon A Child with us. He pushed the cart through Walmart and did an excellent job. He has been doing this for about a year now. He really is a good and helpful little man. A very precious treasure.

I practiced guitar for the second time in three days. I start off with a drill that will get my left hand coordination and speed back over time. Then I practice a couple pages in Alfred’s Basic Fingerstyle Guitar course, then a few pages in Mel Bay’s Mastering The Guitar Book 1A. I should zip through these two books reasonably quickly as my hands and my music reading come back. I had to restart somewhere, so this is where. My fingers definitely need to get used to pressing on the metal strings again; I give it about a month.

My wife was watching the new series “Emergence” on Hulu. I joined her for the tail end of episode 2 and all of episode 3. I had to go back and watch the Pilot episode and all of episode two. It is a slightly intriguing program.

I need to discipline myself to do the things I should be doing while I have the time off work. I would appreciate prayer for this, please.

Thank you for reading My Journey today.

Be most blessed!

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