My Journey: Friday, October 25, 2019-Consistent Walk, Kaiden and Fireflies, FMLA

Today was yet another good day. I seem to be blessed with an endless stream of them; thank You Abba Father.

I went for my daily walk at Haven Hallow Park again. I slowed down just a touch; yesterday’s three laps were 11, 13, and 12 minutes while today’s laps were 13, 14, and 12 minutes. Not too bad, and at least consistent. One problem did arise though. The wax like seal ring on my urostomy bag started leaking while I was on my last lap. Not good. I am supposed to change the urostomy bag every three to five days. This is the second time it leaked after two days. It might have been from the activity and my T-shirt, sweatshirt, and jacket rubbing on it while I walked. I don’t know. At least it was somewhere I could easily get home and take care of it.

This evening I took my almost six year old grandson, Kaiden, to Wendy’s in Chesterton to eat dinner, then we went to Fireflies (an indoor playground) in Chesterton for him to play and have ice cream. He had a blast. So many kids all playing and getting along together. at about 8:25 though, everybody suddenly was gone, and the place doesn’t close until 9:00. You’d have thought it was a school night. So, Kaiden bounced on the trampoline for a while doing some tricks, then a lot of very silly wipe outs before we headed home. He’s really a great kid.

I checked my email today and York, the company that handles my FMLA, received my back to work form and my email letting them know when the next time I could expect to have a new form to them, let me know they extended my FMLA to the maximum hours I have for it (480). This takes me to the day after my next primary care doctor’s appointment.

By the grace of our Heavenly Father, everything will work out just fine.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Be blessed!

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