My Journey: Wednesday, October 23, 2019-Frustrated By Doctor’s Office, Faster Walk At The Park, Bethel Community Group

This morning I called my doctor’s office concerning my back to work form. I had a second fax number for them to send my back to work form to since they have had the form since last week Wednesday. I asked how it was coming and they said it was still on the doctor’s desk awaiting his signature. I got a little unhappy since it has supposedly been there for two days now. I need this form done and submitted to the company that handles the FMLA claims for Family Express by this week Friday. The lady on the phone informed me that they legally have seven to ten days to fill this form out. I impressed upon her that they have had it since last week Wednesday, and I needed it for me so I could either go back to work or extend my FMLA leave which expires this Sunday the 27th, so I need it taken care of by Friday. She almost seemed put out that I would actually expect them to get this done as if it mattered instead of taking the “maximum legal time” they are permitted to take. I have to forgive them. It is as if it really does not matter that it affects my life and my income; especially if I get to go back to work, even just a couple hours a day.

Today was in the upper 50’s here so I decided to walk at Haven Hallow Park again. Previously I have done a single lap at 30 minutes, then at 24 minutes, both during the past week. Today was a surprise though. I had decided to walk two laps since I walked 40 minutes in the Portage Walmart yesterday. To my surprise my first lap was in only 16 minutes, and even more surprising, my second lap was also completed in 16 minutes. So, today I walked two laps and it took only two more minutes than one lap did the first time I went there. Praise be to GOD!

This evening I went to my Bethel Valparaiso community group. It was again a good meeting. We watched a video by Danny Silk and his Loving On Purpose ministry, where he talked about the two goals in a relationship: 1) To form a solid connection, and 2) To create and keep a safe distance.

Our goal should be to form a solid connection that continually grows. He also discussed Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages. Our group discussion about this was very interesting. Where the Love Languages I used to receive from best were Touch, and Words Of Affirmation, I have grown to the point where I receive pretty well in any of the 5 Love Languages. My wife, Anita, seems to receive best in the Acts of Service language.

The 5 Love Languages Are:

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Receiving Gifts

Quality Time

Physical Touch

I recommend learning them, and then learning and understanding your love language and that of your spouse and each member of your family. They are also good for improving any relationship.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Be Blessed!

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