My Journey: Thursday, October 24, 2019: Dishes, Back To Work Disappointment, Faster Walk

My wife works hard. She’s a Deli Clerk at the Chesterton Strack’s Grocery Store, plus she cleans a house (other than ours) one day a week. Since I am not working, I told her I would do the dishes every day. It is the one task she likes the least. I find it somewhat enjoyable. I have done dishes in the past, and helped her do them, but now I am taking responsibility for them. Doing them and surprising her at the end of each day when she gets home is one thing, but purposely telling her gives her one less thing to concern herself with. As I get stronger, I will be taking on more tasks around the house; it will be good for both of us.

I finally got a call from my doctor’s office today. They finished my back to work form and faxed it to Family Express HR, and to York (the company that handles the FMLA claims for Family Express). Disappointingly though, they told me that they recommended no work at this time. I was really hoping they would recommend daily work for a limited time per day, like two hours daily to start and then build from there. My next appointment with this doctor is November 18, when my back to work status will be revisited; hopefully with a much different result. I know I will be considerably stronger and healthier by then. Except for my urostomy, I should be pretty much back to normal; at least I believe I should be.

My walks at Haven Hallow Park here in South Haven (Valparaiso) have been getting quicker, and today was no exception. My past walks were one lap in 30 minutes, then one lap in 24 minutes; two laps in 32 minutes (16 minutes per lap); and now today even faster. I ended up doing three laps in only 36 minutes; lap one in 11 minutes, lap two in 13 minutes, and lap three in 12 minutes. After that first lap I had to choose to do three laps. I am wanting to build up my walking time to one hour. As my body starts walking faster and smoother I will be walking farther. Getting up to 3.5-4 miles in an hour’s time would be quite nice.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Be blessed!

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