Q & A : Why did it take you so long to go to the hospital?

In light of my recent 7 week stay at the hospital, a lady on Facebook asked me, “Why did it take you so long to go to the hospital?”

There are a few answers to this, all of which apply to my situation.

1) I thought it was something else.

It the past I have had kidney stones. So, a few years ago when there were trace amounts of blood in my urine that were detected during my CDL physical the doctor, nurse practitioner, and I all thought it was kidney stones again. They recommended drinking lemon water (water with a couple slices of lemon in it) in order to dissolve the kidney stones. I had made it clear I did not want to take medicines (drugs) unless I had to. After a time the blood became obvious with some clots coming out. I figured this was a result of the kidney stones shrinking and moving around. I foolishly did not return to the doctor when this reoccurred and worsened.

2) I thought it would pass with time and patience.

I should have known after a couple years of this continually getting worse that getting better was not happening.

3) Male pride.

Like most males, I thought I could “gut it out” until I got better and did not want to ask for help. Sadly, too many of us guys take this attitude and it costs many of us our health, and some of us our lives.

4) My faith.

This here is a super biggie for me. I was determined to believe for my healing, wholeness, and health. After all, Holy Scripture says, “The just shall live by faith.” The LORD our GOD is our Healer and Great Physician, surely my faith in Him would be enough. Sad thing though, I did NOT feed my faith as I should have, feasting on the WORD of GOD daily to add to and strengthen my faith. What else did I not do consistent with faith? A deep introspection of my transgressions, iniquities, and sins; I did not seek to be pure before our Holy GOD.

While LORD Jesus healed all that came to Him, and LORD Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is no respecter of persons, as a child of GOD I should know and practice Holiness as a way of life; in this I fell very short, both the holiness and building my faith.

There are numerous examples of faith-filled people still having to go to the hospital, and there are also numerous examples of people being healed by grace through faith after the hospitals have given up or even before having to go to a hospital for a life saving procedure.

I purposely chose to stand in faith, even though I did not “do all to stand” as I should have done.

When I realized I was either going to pass out and force my wife to call an ambulance or choose to go to the hospital, I chose to go to the hospital. As far as I was concerned it would be better to admit I had failed in standing in faith and live to fight another day than to put my wife in the position of calling an ambulance in the next few days and possibly having her husband die on her. You see, at the hospital they found a massive tumor in my bladder, deep vein thrombosis, constipation set in, acute blood loss anemia, hematura, ileus, acute kidney injury due to the bladder tumor backing up my kidneys, and hyperphospatemia. Yah, I’ll need a medical dictionary to understand a couple of those.

When it comes to standing in faith, everybody needs to do what is right between themselves and Almighty GOD. However, be aware that it can cost you your life if you do not recognize that you just are not getting there. Now I have a urostomy bag attached to the right side of my abdomen through which I urinate, and I have lost my bladder, my prostrate, and the nerves necessary for sex (I am effectively a eunuch). I almost lost my life. I am thankful that our Abba Father has also blessed a lot of people with intensive medical knowledge and extreme skill, particularly the ones that saved my life and cared for me until I was able to go home and take care of myself.

Please, when something physically goes wrong with your body, immediately pray. Then, use the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you have to decide when to go to the doctor. Do not wait if you do not know what is wrong. At the very least a doctor can help you identify what exactly to pray about. Be thankful for the doctor’s knowledge and his ability to help you get well. If your problem has become chronic, go to the doctor. Our Abba Father can use the doctor to get you well, or if it is a persistent or permanent problem, to help you manage it until you come to the place where you receive your healing and wholeness by grace through faith. And men, do not be so prideful just because we are supposed to “stand strong” in the face of adversity. We can stand strong and get help from the medical profession to stand even stronger.

We can apply our faith immediately to the problem. We can apply our faith to believing GOD to bless the medical professionals we need with the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and skill we need to overcome our problems. We can continue in faith until we not only get healed, but are indeed made completely physically whole again. Never give up the faith fight, and do it according to what is right between you and GOD. Your life matters, and the choice is yours. GOD will not make the choice for you, and He will not force you to choose one way over the other way. Whatever your choice, do so in faith and stay in faith until you have total victory. Remember, Almighty GOD created you for a reason and our enemy is the one that came to steal, kill, and destroy. GOD does not want you dead, He wants you alive, vibrant, and fulfilling the purpose for which He created you. Do not let Satan kill you early and cut you short of fulfilling the purpose for your creation; and if this means going to the doctor or hospital to get help in your fight then please, please, go. Live to continue your fight. Your life is precious to GOD, and precious to the people in your life who love you and count on you to be there with and for them. If you need medical help to overcome, then get it; please.

With much love, be blessed!

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