My Journey: Saturday, October 19, 2019-Gil Drug Company, Shampoo, and Walmart Walk

Today started as a bit of a mess. I went to bed a bit late last night and of course was going to sleep in a little. However, at 6:30 I needed to use the restroom. Apparently, when I reached over the side of my bed to feel how full the overnight urine collection bag was I accidentally bumped the pinch valve, opening it and allowing urine to leak out and make a puddle on my floor. Good thing I was getting up to use the restroom anyways because it limited the size of the puddle. Not a good way to start the day. After I got it cleaned up I did go back to sleep for a couple more hours.

After breakfast I ended up going to Gil Drug Company in Valparaiso, the small pharmacy that was so helpful last week, to get more adhesive removal pads and gauze sponges to take care of my surgical wound dressing. They had the adhesive removal pads, but not the gauze sponges I needed, which are 12-ply. They did have some 8-ply ones, so I bought enough of those to tide me over until they get in the ones I normally use. They ordered them, so they will be in Monday morning. Only a few more weeks and this surgical wound should be finished healing. Yay!

After Gil’s I went to Great Clips in Portage to have my hair shampooed again. This is spoiling me. It feels like a wonderful scalp massage every time. I appreciate that I can go to Great Clips to do this.

When I was done there I went home, picked up my wife Anita, and we went to the Portage Walmart to do some shopping. I pushed the cart, of course, but this time I did not need to lean on it because I got tired or to stabilize myself. I could have walked the whole time without anything. My pace was also a little bit quicker than the last time I went shopping. Yay again!

Anita and I need to be going “to church” as regularly as possible. I asked her to pick a place where she would like to go and see how it is. No answer yet. If she does not pick one, which I think she is having trouble getting herself to do, I will be going to Bethel Valparaiso by myself. Bethel is home to me. It is not a perfect congregation, but it is a congregation where the people love GOD and love each other, and they are doing their best to get as close to GOD as they can, and to help others do so too. I don’t believe there is any perfect congregation, but we do serve a perfect LORD and GOD Who knows how to fit us together as family and draw us closer to Himself.

Be blessed! And thank you for reading my blog.

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