My Journey: Thursday, October 17, 2019-Haven Hallow Walk And A Lazy Day

Do you ever have a day where you just do NOT want to do anything but relax? A day where it just feels so good to take a break from everything you have to do and have been doing that a day of just down time feels really good and before you know it it is time to start your end of day routine and go to bed?

Today was one such day for me. The past few days I have been ending my evenings before doing my blog and changing my wound dressing just seated on a couch and not wanting to do anything; not go to bed, not think about tomorrow, not do anything but let the world pass me by. I am believing that when my surgery wound gets healed and I get enough strength to go back to work and start contributing to our income again this will change at least a little; especially when I get to start the delivery job for Family Express I was supposed to start while I was in the hospital.

I know I shouldn’t find my identity or worth in my ability to work, but for some reason I find I define myself at least partly by my work and how I do it. I have plenty to do until then, like finish the children’s book I have started; I’m on page 15. I have ideas that can turn the book into a series of books covering three areas: helping children deal with going to the hospital, education books, and Bible Story books. To get me over this hump I only need finish the first book, get an illustrator on board, and get it published. After that I figure the rest will come a bit easier.

I also need to pick up my guitar again and start practicing. I should be playing at least once or twice a month at a senior’s center, or somewhere where it would bless people just to bless them. Not to mention, I need to start writing and arranging music again; it’s been decades.

For my daily walk today I went to Haven Hallow Park in South Haven (Valparaiso) on 700N. The track is about a third of a mile (I think), outside. I walked this by myself with nobody to keep an eye on me. It is the first time I have done this. The walk took me about 30 minutes. Slow for sure, but I did it myself. Praise be to GOD for the progress.

Well, please be blessed, and thank you for reading my blog.

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