My Journey: Wednesday, October 16, 2019-Getting Indiana Medicaid Insurance Straight And Home Community Group

Since I came home from the hospital last week Tuesday I have found that getting insurance policies and information straight takes some patience.

Last week I spent two hours on hold attempting to get my medicaid insurance information so I could start processing my medical bills from my hospital stay and my ongoing care. After two hours I gave up, and went online to the following websites:

I believe it was on the last listed site listed above when I was able to contact a help chat person who sent me the links to the long term care providers so I would know who to contact to get my long term coverage started. They also gave me my Medicaid ID number. I thought these were the only numbers I needed, so I proceeded to contact the provider I had chosen to manage my Indiana Medicaid program and got that set up and paid for. I then proceeded to call the company that would be making my urostomy supplies, and the pharmacy they would be shipping through. However, they had trouble getting my insurance recognized and called me back. I ended up contacting Indiana Medicaid today to find out what was going on, because they also denied a prescription coverage stating I had no insurance currently, but that my insurance had expired on September 20, 2019.

So, I went to Porter Regional Hospital in Valparaiso where I had been signed up for the original short term coverage and found out that I had to use a different ID number for my bills from August 18 to September 30 for my short term coverage, and that my long term coverage would be activated on October 24, even though they have already collected payment for October, November, and December. It takes time for paperwork to pass through the system.

I called my urostomy supply pharmacy and they had already gotten things straightened out to their satisfaction and had shipped my first month’s supply of urostomy equipment. My new primary care physician’s office had no problem with my insurance not being activated until the end of this month because it would pay retroactively to October 1. However, they would not honor any prescriptions through the Valparaiso Walmart. When I called to find out why, they explained that my insurance would show up as not having any until October 24 when it is supposed to be activated by the state Medicaid. They said some service and product providers do not mind this so they ship things or provide services knowing it will get paid; but not everybody does so. So, I will be waiting until October 24th or 25th to fill my new prescriptions. Not a problem though. I have enough meds to last past then. My doctor suggested I try to run things through just to find out where things stand so we have no surprises or problems when I need the new meds to replace the old ones.

I called the four accounts that I have bills for and gave them the updated information, and they were all very polite and understanding, and were going to process the claims from August through my ID number for the short term insurance I was signed up for. Yay!

On another note, remember I have previously written that it took three weeks and three attempts to get my stomach and intestines working? Well, up until a couple days ago all that came out of my back side was liquid. A couple days ago, with the slightly altered configuration of my small intestines, I started having small but formed poo. Another step towards a healthier body. Yay again!

Also, this evening I went to a home cell group (community group) meeting for Bethel Valparaiso and we talked about identity and where we should be getting our identity from. Hint: our Heavenly Father and His WORD. Also that we should not confuse characteristics, no matter how dominant in our lives, and identity. Our primary identity as Christians is as sons and daughters of Almighty GOD our Abba Father. We must be on the watch to not allow what we do to become our identity. Please consider this for a while. Take a Selah moment.

Be blessed! And thank you for reading my blog.

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