My Journey: Tuesday, October 15, 2018-First Doctor’s Appointment Since Hospital

Today it has been one week since I was released from Indiana University Hospital. I find myself considerably stronger and more stable along with having more endurance. It has become easier to walk and I have started using a more normal gate when I walk. I still have a long way to go, but every day there is improvement.

Last night while I was changing the dressing for my surgical incision/wound my urostomy bag started leaking right through the bag. Yes, I was surprised. I am supposed to change it every 3-5 days, so I plan to do so every 4 unless something comes up. A leak is something that definitely came up, and it was only the second day. Then, this morning it seems the seal started leaking. Well, it was a blessing that both were noticed where I change my dressing and urostomy bag instead of out somewhere like the middle of Walmart or driving down a highway. Thank You GOD.

Today was my first doctor’s appointment, and it was with a primary care physician new to me in La Porte. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it seems I have gained weight going from 245 when I left the hospital to 256 at the doctor’s office. The doctor was quite pleasant, as was his staff. It was a typical first visit and I look forward to working with this doctor. Silly me, when I stopped to make my next appointment I put down my meds and left them there. They closed shortly after I left so I will have to pick them up tomorrow.

Anita and I went to Walmart afterwards to go shopping and for an opportunity for me to walk a bit. I went to the Pharmacy with a new script for Eliquis but it seems I am in transition between short term and long term insurance and they could not get the prescription filled, and the Eliquis coupon the doctor gave me required me to have commercially assigned insurance. Having insurance through the state or no insurance was not acceptable; it was a $10 co-pay coupon. That would have been great since 30 days of Eliquis cost $566 at the IU Hospital Pharmacy (thankfully they gave me a coupon for a 30 day free trial). Seeing the trouble I was having, the Pharmacy manager at the Valparaiso Walmart approached me and said she would like to try a few things. Being it was after 6:00 p.m. she couldn’t get people on the line who could make certain decisions, and it was difficult to even track my name down in the insurance database for my permanent insurance, where she seemed to be given inaccurate information by a couple people.  She is coming in on her day off to take care of a couple of things, and is also going to try to get my situation straightened out. So KUDOS to the Valparaiso Walmart Pharmacy Manager for such an effort.

For lunch I had some more of the mostociolli that Matt brought me on Sunday, and this evening I had some of the stuffed peppers he brought; both home made. The mostociolli was quite tasty, and the stuffed peppers were absolutely delicious. Thank you Matt.

Well, it is time for me to take my meds (Walmart helped me out since I left my stuff in La Port) and change the dressing on my surgery wound, then go to bed.

If anyone has questions that the answers would be helpful to them or to someone they know concerning my health issues and hospital stay, I will do my best to answer them. Just leave them in the comment section. If I can give a short answer I will. If it requires a longer answer or explanation I will right a post about it.

Be blessed! And thank you for reading my blog again.

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