My Journey: Sunday, October 13, 2019-In Church, First Time Back In A Year

It’s Sunday. It has also been about a year since I have gathered with the saints at Bethel Valparaiso. This has mostly been due to my work schedule, then 7 weeks in the hospital. I was looking forward to gathering with my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Around noon today Matt, from Bethel Valparaiso, showed up at our house with two large tins of food; one was mostaccioli and the other stuffed green peppers. Yummy! He s the second person (Jon was the first) to bring tasty vittles and asked us to let him know if there was ANYTHING we needed, including finances. Whatever one may think of Bethel Valparaiso, their people love, and love to give and be helpful; and they live it.

I  arrived just a couple minutes late to “church” and was promptly greeted at the door by Jon; the same brother who had brought me the homemade chicken noodle soup that I am enjoying. I went into the main sanctuary where we meet. We no longer have our own building but are in an agreement with Liberty Bible to use their south campus building with service at 4:00 p.m. on Sundays

Praise and worship seemed strained and subdued for the most part. This was odd being I was used to vibrant and joyous praise here. Finally, we sang two hymns and seemed to start breaking through a bit. Then we had an unconventionally presented message by someone who is happy about being just a bit weird. Weird means “of strange or extraordinary character, relating to or caused by the supernatural.” Well, real Christians should seem a bit strange to the world, and due to Holy Spirit indwelling us by the grace of GOD due to the price LORD Jesus paid for us we should have extraordinary character, and even be extraordinary characters in ways that bless and bring hope and joy to others. Also, indwelt by, and immersed in Holy Spirit our lives should reflect the supernatural character and power of our Heavenly Father in Whose Image and Likeness we are created.

Dianne, the speaker, gave out little packets with three little trinkets in them. A key, a small googly eyed face, and a short piece of wire. They are to be objects for us to take to GOD and ask Him what each one means for us. I didn’t do anything with the wire yet, but reflecting on praise and worship and the message and feeling bored with it I realized I had to be missing something. I love these people, and their heart is to be close to Abba Father and help everyone get closer to Him. Looking at the googly eyed face I realized I had to be missing something. So, I asked Abba Father, “What am I missing? What am I not seeing?” Then it hit me. The lesson for the face was to seek Abba Father that I may see the things I miss, the things I am currently blind to; to open my eyes to the things He wants me to see so that I will no longer be blind to them. The key represented an unlocking of the creativity Abba Father put in me, and an unlocking of the chains holding me back from being what I am created to be.

Afterword we had a gathering in the basement with pizza and ice cream. Chelsea, a young 30 something who has been working in the Children’s Ministry, and was the leader of it for the past several years, since she herself was a child. Since the kids all love her and turn to her even when others are assigned to teach, she is going to go to another fellowship so she can continue her spiritual growth and prepare for whatever Abba Father has for her next.
Be blessed! And thank you for reading My Journey.

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