My Journey: Monday, October 14, 2019-Family Express And Wound Care Supplies

Howdy! This post catches me up to today. I know I skipped a lot from 2018 and earlier this year, but since I was in the hospital for 7 weeks and got released last week it seemed the right thing to do.

Today I went to Great Clips in Portage, IN, just to get a shampoo. I can’t stand in the shower yet due to my surgical incision/wound not being healed up yet ( I need to keep it dry); it’s getting better every day though, often with noticeable differences between my twice a day dressing changes. It is nice to lay back and have someone wash your hair a couple times.

I went to the Calumet Family Express (on Calumet and Carrsbrooke) to say “Howdy” to my store manager, Ed. He sure was happy to see me and that I am on the mend. Evie was there to work the mid day shift and was happy to see me. She told me a number of customers have been asking, “Where’s the guy who tells everybody to be blessed?” It’s nice to know customers also care. I did get some very bad news though. Our opener, Patty, had a “widowmaker” heart attack last week and is in the hospital fighting for her life. Please pray for her.

I have been trying to find Adhesive Removal Pads to help dissolve the adhesive on my dressing tape so changing my dressing is easier and not painful. Neither CVS or Walgreen’s carries it in their physical stores. They carry seemingly a hundred different types of band aids, bandages, dressings, and tape, but nothing to help change the dressings. Really? So I looked up a medical supply company and went there on South Campbell Street only to find out they are a manufacturer, not an outlet. However, they recommended Gil Drugs on Lincolnway in Valparaiso. I would have never checked there being they are a very tiny drug store. Well, much to my pleasure they had both the Adhesive Removal Pads and the 4″x4″ 12-ply gauze sponges for dressing my wound. Yay! They were also very kind, polite, and helpful. I must recommend them as a pharmacy/drug store. They are a little more expensive than CVS and Walgreen’s, but after this encounter I must recommend them.

I had the mostociolli that Matt brought by yesterday. Yummy! Tomorrow I’ll have to have some of the stuffed peppers. He warned me they might be a bit spicy though. Before my surgery I really enjoyed very spicy food. We shall see if my taste has changed for this as a result of the meds I am on and if the spice affects me differently.

Be blessed! And thank you for visiting my site.

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