My Journey: Saturday, October 12, 2019-Grandson And Patience At Walmart

Today Anita and I had to get about a couple dozen things at Walmart. Since our almost 6 year old grandson, Kaiden, likes to go with us we invited him. We got a late start but that was okay since there was not much else to do.

I found that in the condition I am right now I need to work on my patience. I found Kaiden a bit annoying for about the first half of the trip. Not because he had done anything wrong, but because I was so focused on getting me better, and just making it through the store vertical I did not enjoy his zany antics. He wasn’t misbehaving. I just was not up to enjoying his silliness like I used to be. This is a deep flaw that needs to be changed in me. I should have patience and enjoy Kaiden no matter where we are and no matter how I feel.

As we made our way through the store and the real shopping began Kaiden was so very helpful to his Precious Grandma Sweetie Pea. She would pick something from a shelf or point it out and Kaiden would take it and place it–yes, I did say PLACE it, not drop it, toss it, or bounce it–either in or under the cart; depending upon what and how large the item was. He is an amazing child, and a joy to have around.

I need to work on my patience in order to be a better Grandpa and a better overall person; regardless of my situation or how I feel. After all, it is not my patience I should be using, but I should be relying upon the patience that is part of the fruit of Holy Spirit; and His loving Patience NEVER fails.

Be blessed!

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