My Journey: Friday, October 11, 2019-Walmart, A Good Place To Go For A Walk

It’s raining today. Still, I need to go for a walk. What is a person to do?

Well, to start my day I did my usual exercises the Physical Therapy people from Indiana University Hospital gave me, had breakfast, and started doing more work on catching up my part of our finances. My wife, Anita, did a great job while I was in the hospital but it was all on paper and not in our finance program. Mostly I had to double check the figures and pay bills due for this month.

Once I noticed it was raining I thought, where am I going to go to walk? Then I remembered that several years ago I was a people greeter at the Valparaiso Walmart, talk about a fun job; getting paid just to be nice to people. I remembered there were several people whom I saw once or twice almost every day. One elder gentleman told me he needed a cart, but not for shopping. He said the cart was just enough to steady him so he could walk and get his exercise in, so he came to Walmart just to walk once or twice a day.

My son Brett was off today and went with me to Walmart just to walk. Pretty awesome, yah? He did pick up a couple items, but we walked around the main aisles of the store. It was nice. So, for those who need a little exercise by walking and it is raining or cold outside, going to your local Walmart just to walk can fit the bill.

Also, though I have not been to church due to work schedule and then the hospital for about a year Jon from Bethel Valparaiso brought a couple good sized containers of a basic but tasty chicken noodle soup. How’s that for people caring about others? Pretty awesome if you ask me, and pretty awesome even if you don’t ask.

Be blessed!

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