My Journey: Wednesday, October 9, 2019-Starting Again

Today was a day to start putting my life back together again. So much to do it would be easy to be extremely overwhelmed and just freeze up and give up.

Today I arranged for and paid for my long term Indiana Health Care Plan through December of this year, I verified my appointment for next week with my new Primary Care Physician, I got my hair shampooed and cut (it was overdue and I can’t use a shower until my surgical wound is healed up), I called Family Express Human Resources then went to their Home Office (almost sounds British, yah?) to meet with them, and I went shopping at Walmart with my precious wife of 36 years, Anita.

I was on hold with Indiana Medicaid for two hours when I finally gave up and looked up Anthem, the company I had chosen to handle/manage my health care account, on the internet and called them. Within 10 minutes a very understanding person named Bill helped me get everything set up and paid for. Then I called my new doctor in La Porte and verified my appointment for next week and that they were indeed in the same time zone as me; they are, Yay!

After this I went to Great Clips in Portage to have my hair shampooed and cut, so now I don’t look like a ragamuffin. Then I called the HR department of Family Express. They asked if I could get them a description of any limitations I have on activity, so I arranged to meet with them about 20 minutes from when I called them; I purposely had the paperwork with me because by GOD’s grace I had anticipated this.

Meeting with Debbie and Jim from HR was encouraging. They corrected the FMLA paperwork so I would be covered through October 27th. They also are not counting my 7 week, and what will be longer, absence against my time working for Family Express, so I will be going back to work when the doctor’s assessment and their requirements match at my previous income level. Yay again! I will likely not be getting my vacation, being I just completed my first year, because my hours will likely not meet the minimum threshold of an average of 35 hours per week; which was made clear when I first went through orientation a year ago.

Finally, Anita and I went shopping at the Walmart in Valparaiso. I used a cart to steady myself and was on my feet for over an hour, which was about 45 minutes longer than I was used to in the hospital going for walks; and which exhausted me. Anita was so patient and understanding with my slower than old turtle speed.

This was a busy and productive day. All the walking was good for me, even though it was at super slow mosey speed. It helped my strength, endurance, and balance.

I am blessed! I pray you are blessed also!

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