My Journey: Thursday, October 10, 2019-My First Walk Outside

Today I have to walk and do a lot of work catching up on financial records and account reconciliation; a few months worth.

For the past two months my precious wife, Anita, has had to step up and take care of our finances, which is normally my job. With me doing most of it online, she had to struggle a bit to take care of things; including calling people to try to get leniency on payments since I was in the hospital. It was a lot of work for her that she was not used to. Funny thing though, she saved a lot of money somehow. Also, when I checked my credit score on two different sites, one stayed about the same and the other went up a little. Talk about a Proverbs 31 woman!

Since she did things on paper, I had to catch up everything on the computer. This took me most of the day that I was able to work without going cross-eyed. I still had a bit to go, even though I stayed up too late doing what I could.

For my daily walk, my son Brett didn’t have to go to work until late because he got permission to start late to keep an eye on me while Anita cleaned a house. He took me for a walk to the end of our street and back. It is the first time I have walked outside, and also walked with nothing nearby to grab on to or sit and rest on in case I started getting tired. It is not really that far for a normal person, but I am not back to anywhere near normal yet. I am blessed to have a son who will do this with me. I am sure my other son, Justin, would also if he were available. I told Brett, at least for me he didn’t need a leash or a muzzle.

The walk went well, and after I rested a bit, I went back to working on the finances on and off until about 11:00 p.m. Then it was time to change my surgical wound dressing again and go to bed.

Be most blessed!

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