My Journey: Tuesday, October 8, 2019-Going Home

On August 18, 2019 I was admitted to Porter Regional Hospital in Valparaiso, Indiana. On August 19, I was transported by ambulance (or as my young grandson likes to say sometimes, Waambulance, to Indiana Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. Then, on August 21, I was transferred to Indiana University Hospital in Indy. It’s a good thing too, they saved my life.

Today, Tuesday, October 8, I get to go home. I even get to drive so long as there is a person in the car with me, my wife will be, and I watch myself for fatigue. Drive 150 miles home upon release? Yes. I was off oxy three weeks ago, off tylenol over a week, and off another painkiller/anti-anxiety/digestion enhancing drug a couple days ago (it has three uses, and I needed all three for a while). I did everything the Physical Therapy people told me to do and then some in order to be strong enough to do this, and I had already planned to stop three times on the way home whether I felt fatigued or not in order to not be fatigued.

At what seemed the last minute, a doctor ordered an ultrasound of my legs to check for blood clots; I’ll get the results at my doctor’s appointment next week. When you are really looking forward to getting out of the hospital, waiting all day, until 5 p.m. is rather difficult; especially if you’ve been in the hospital as long as I have.

My wife and I went to Noodles near the hospital to eat dinner, then made the trip home. Yes, I did stop three times in addition to dinner to avoid fatigue. It was so nice to drive again; I really enjoy driving. We got home safely, and I changed the bandages on my operation wound

I found sleeping in my own bed a mixed bag. Due to a sore on my dupa the wound/ostomy lady had ordered a special bed for me to use in the hospital that had an air mattress instead of the air wafer mattress that was placed on other beds. Wow, was it soft and comfortable. My bed is rather old and bows in the middle a little bit. I will have to get used to it until I start working again and replace it with a newer one.

Be blessed!


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