Explaining My Absence: Hospital Stay

I would like to apologize for my prolonged absence in writing and posting to this blog site.

On August 18, 2019 I started having a difficult time urinating and became lightheaded in the shower. I went to Porter Regional Hospital, Valparaiso, where I was admitted. I was transferred to Indiana Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, on the 19th, and to Indiana University Hospital, Indianapolis, on the 21st. I found out I had a large tumor in my bladder, was anemic from continual loss of blood,  blood clots in my legs, and my kidneys were failing; this along with a list of about 6 or 7 other problems of various seriousness. I was a lot closer to my body shutting down than I had realized; dangerously close.

I was operated on and had my bladder and prostate removed. The tumor/cancer had not spread to any lymph nodes or any surrounding tissue, including the outer lining of the bladder. I now urinate through an ostomy (a port made on my abdominal right side by using a portion of my small intestines) and am healing from the operation. The incision from my navel to just above my pubic bone should be healed within the month.

My strength, endurance, and stability are slowly returning.

I am blessed to work for Family Express, who will allow me to come back to work as soon as their minimum requirements and the doctor’s assessment of my condition match.

I was in the hospital from August 18, to October 8. Spending so much time (98-99%) in a bed, with a few hours a day in a chair the last few weeks has made it easy to feel lazy; so I am overcoming that lack of momentum. Being active is part of the prescription for getting healthy. Thankfully, I am only taking two different medicines; one for the blood clots and one to lower my acidity. Many people seem to be on a whole array of medications.

Most people go in for the surgery otherwise healthy and ready for the surgery. The surgeon emphasized a few times how seriously messed up I was when I came in the hospital. It took nearly three weeks and three separate attempts to get my intestines and stomach working again so I could go number two and have enough room in me to actually eat anything.

My faith was not strong enough to outright get me healed, but that is my fault, not GOD’s.

The answer to going through something like this is not to be envious of others, to shake my hand at GOD and blame Him for my failures, but to focus on getting closer to GOD and building my faith. A total healing is not beyond the One Who created the universe and everything in it.

I expect to pick up writing and posting regularly very soon.

Be blessed!

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