Journal Entry: Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

(293.0) Quite a jump from the past two days. Though just a couple weeks ago I was struggling to get back down to this weight. I have to be more disciplined in my eating on my days off, which likely means more study and more writing and less watching “TV” in its various forms, which is when It is easiest to eat for no real reason.

When I went under 290.0 I noticed I no longer had bloody urine; something I have had a problem with for the past 3 years, and particularly the past 15-18 months.

I started a “My Bible Study” the other day, and worked on it a little last night. Today it seems I have received a course correction. I am to do the study without making any comments on anyone else’s writings, beliefs, or the like. I am to do the study as though no other beliefs or opinions exist; just study the Holy Bible and write a version of my understanding of Holy Scripture.

I just had the thought when considering my quiet times with Abba Father, often it seems nothing is going on, when in truth I always increase in peace. It is as though Abba Father is slowly drilling a very deep well of peace in me; one that only He can drill, and that only He can fill and keep full. I am to draw from this well as often as I like; for myself, and to give to others. The more I draw out to give to others, the more Abba Father keeps filling it afresh.

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