Journal Entry: Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2018

(300.0) I expected this to be lower after working yesterday and eating less. With patience and persistence it will come down.

Today I do my first training close. I talked with Ed, the Store #02 & #03 manager yesterday. He asked if I am really willing to do closes. I told him that I am. He said he should probably be able to get me the 40 hours a week I am wanting. Yay. I get my first payday from Family Express next week. There will only be three days on it, but it is a start. January 10, 2019 should be my first day at $11.00. Family Express said, in orientation, that people who last through probation (90 days) are usually there for at least three years. My goal is to be a store manager or a field consultant by that time. I have been thinking the past couple days, we may have to move in two to three years. With Family Express expanding east, southeast, and south of this region, we may have to move in one of those directions. I was thinking south or southeast. We shall see.

I am concerned about church attendance at Bethel Valparaiso; my attendance, that is. Until I am on a 40-hour per week schedule I cannot plan attendance. This will also affect my plans for the days I spend with my grandson, Kaiden.

I must be an honorable representation of the Kingdom of GOD that is within me. My life, the way I live, and the way I work, must be an accurate image and likeness of Abba Father. I must not take His Name out into the world in vain.

Think about this for a few moments:

LORD Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. (The Kingdom of GOD is at hand.) What did LORD Jesus mean when He said, “…is at hand”? Within your reach? Within your grasp? Do we not say, “The time is at hand?” Could it be that LORD Jesus is saying to me that the Kingdom of heaven, the Kingdom of GOD, the rule and reign of Almighty GOD is right here, right now, for whosoever will believe, submit, and obey right here, right now?

We are commanded to not take the Name of the LORD GOD in vain. We are also instructed to let our moderation be known unto all men, for the LORD IS at hand. Do we, do I, understand the LORD GOD has blessed me by calling me His Own since I received the LORD Jesus Christ and was born again into His Family, making Him my Abba Father? Do I understand that as His Child I carry His Name, I take His Name, everywhere I go? LORD GOD Almighty, Holy Abba Father, help me to not take Your Holy Name out into the world, in my life, in vain, as though being called by Your Name is meaningless and useless. Help me to live in such a manner as to lift Your Name up high in my life so that all who encounter me will call upon You and Your Holy Name, and experience the LOVE YOU ARE and your Immeasurable Goodness, and be born again, submitting unto Your Holy Kingdom and living in Your Holy Freedom. Not because of the amazing words, I speak, but because how I carry Your Holy Name causes them to experience You, Your Love, and Your Goodness.

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