Journal Entries: Thursday-Friday, September 27-28, 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

(298.0) ? Odd. 28 hours without power, a day spent doing yard work, and my weight goes up? Odd. Workout 3 today. Changed squat-thrusts (burpees) to 6-count push-ups (adding a push-up to the middle of the exercise), and did 5 consecutive regular push-ups; 95 to go.

Friday, September 28, 2018

(299.5) Workout #1. Not thrilled about this, but I’m not giving up. Since I won’t be utilizing my CDL, I don’t need to stress over getting below 250.0. I need to continue exercising and get myself in good physical condition. One of my goals is to once again be able to do 100 consecutive push-ups. Currently I’m at 5 regular push-ups, or 15, knee push-ups. My plan is adding one regular push-up every time I do workout #3, which will add 5 push-ups every 3 weeks. Also, with workout #2, I am adding one knee push-up every workout, until I hit 20, then I will begin adding two knee push-ups every workout; after this hits 100, then I will begin replacing knee push-ups with regular push-ups. At least this is the current plan.

My second interview with Family Express seems to have gone very well. I should hear from them today. I also have an interview with Strack’s in Chesterton today. We shall see.

As I was writing that last sentence, I found out through my son Brett that my interview might be canceled because Brett is a manager there already. I called Strack’s to verify, but I won’t know until the interviewer comes in at 10:00. My interview is at 11:00, so I will be already be getting ready. Patience is key here. I can let emotions run away or I can let the Peace of GOD rule my heart; I choose the Peace of GOD.

No matter what happens, life is good, because Abba Father is Awesome in His Awesome Awesomeness.

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